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Frequently asked Questions

All the answers to your questions

What is the weekly workload?

The average workload per week is 2.5 hours (including a one-hour live session). 

This guideline value can vary slightly depending on the child and week.

The children have a fixed group in which they are permanently together and can get to know each other during the class. The aim is for the children to communicate not only with me but also with each other.

It is assumed that the children spend 2.5 hours a week with German. With a weekly course price of 25 Euros, this corresponds to a price of 10 Euros per hour.

Can we make up for missed hours?

Legally, no, but I always try to offer you a catch-up date. Depending on the classes, this can be at a completely different time.

Can the children complete the course without parental support?

It all depends on your child's age, reading skills and technical affinity. Basically, the courses are designed so that the children can take participate independently. Work orders are read out aloud or discussed together. However, you should be aware that the more you use the course as a conversation starter for a German conversation with your child, the more the child's vocabulary will grow. 

What is Planet Wortschatz NOT?

Planet Wortschatz is not a computer program.

This means that the learning success of your child also depends on your cooperation, e.g. be there on time for the start of the class, have materials on hand, give help with analog tasks, etc.) I try to make it as easy as possible for you. If I do not succeed in this, or if you need additional support, please contact me.


Planet Wortschatz is not a grammar class.

This class is not about acquiring school knowledge of German. The focus is on childlike curiosity, fun and the German-speaking community. In this way, the child should perceive the German language as an enrichment and the motivation for language acquisition should be strengthened.


Planet Wortschatz is not a foreign language class.

The offer is aimed at multilingual children who already have some knowledge of German, and ideally a German-speaking parent. The class is not designed to learn a new language.

You need an internet connection, a device with a camera and microphone (tablet or computer), scissors, glue, tape, colored pens. If we do something that requires more than this, I will let you know at least four weeks in advance.

Are there holidays?

Yes. There are no courses during the Paris holiday periods.

How do we pay?

Payment is made by PayPal or by bank transfer.

Do you still have any Questions?

Go for it. Just send me a message and I’ll answer you as soon as possible. 

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How big are the classes?

The class consist of a maximum of 8 children.

Do the children have a fixed group?

What is the price for one hour?

What do we need for the class?

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