About me 

I, Iris Rozwora, have been living in the south of Paris for almost ten years between German precision and French serenity. For me, bilingualism is not just a theoretical concept, it is part of my everyday life.

As a mother, I understand the challenges you face when you want to pass on your native language to your child in a foreign country. After all, a language lives through the community that it creates. If this is missing, the child's motivation to acquire this language quickly decreases.

I am not only experienced as a mother, but also in my professional environment how important it is to stay in touch with the culture and other German-speaking children. I am a humanities scholar and just finished my PhD in the sociology department. From the beginning of my career I was involved in extracurricular, interdisciplinary knowledge transfer for children. I loved that work because there are no boundaries except your own imagination. Teaching children, inspiring them and encouraging them to experiment has always been my guideline, which I continued during my work in a Museum as well as in a children's university.

At the moment , I direct and design language and art workshops for German-speaking children in Paris. I experienced there how important it is to develop positive emotions and a sense of community in order to learn a language.

This is exactly where “Planet Wortschatz” can help you. Language only lives when it is spoken. Together we can pass on a piece of German language and culture to your child.


dr Iris Rozvora
4, rue de la Fosse Derouy
77870 Vulaines sur Seine

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