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Explore your "Wortschatz" three times a week

A typical week with Planet Wortschatz consists of three elements: the video, the task of the week and the live session. The different elements are complements on each other and give the children the opportunity to deal with German regularly and in a wide variety of ways.

Below you can see an exemplary week with Planet Wortschatz on the topic: "Zuckertüte".

Instead of our live session, you can listen to the story that I would otherwise read to the children while we are spending time together.

1. Video

The video interduce the topic of the week. Normally it is between 10 and 15 minutes.

You decide whether the children watch the video alone or if it becomes a family activity. Important is that you talk about it afterwards.

2. Weekly Test

At the end of the video I interduce our weekly task. This can be very different: Sometimes we handcraft and paint something, another time we write or solve reading puzzles or you tried out a new game with as family.

In this way, German becomes more than just a language. It becomes a way to express another part of your personally and provide German culture influences. Our way of “doing things in German” contribute to expanding the children’s own linguistic, social and motor skills in a child-friendly manner. The “task of the week” is later on an imported part in our live session because it allows the children to make a similar experience, even if they are in different countries and share their impressions about it.

Kopie von Rosa Blau Pastellfarben Spaß P

3. Live Session 

We meet once a week in our live session. Here we talk about the new topic, exchange our experience with the weekly task, read or hear stories and play together. Having fun speaking and trying things out is the most important thing here.

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