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Privat class

For more individuality, the Planet Wortschatz program is also available as one-to-one lessons. Your child receives a varied language and creative workshop, which will again offer you as a family many new, exciting language opportunities. I pay special attention to the needs and interests of your child. And one need that all kids have is that learning is interesting and fun.


The more personal bond between your child and me also gives the German language an emotional connection, which can significantly increase the motivation to learn. Over a period of 5 days for the intensive course or 10 weeks for the block course, we jointly develop new fields of knowledge and vocabulary. As an introduction to each workshop with me, I will provide your child with a video (15-20 min.) In which I introduce the topic and explain the task of the week.

Then I meet with your child for half an hour every day or week and we play and talk together about the various tasks and topics. Here I go fully into your child and his preferences.


In total, your child will spend around two hours a day or a week (including the online session) dealing with the German language in this way.

The topics for this year are:

The theme


Time travel

intense 5-day-class


A wild safari



practical information

class dates

Individual classes are possible at any time by personal arrangement.


price: 300€ for the intense-5-days-class

500€ for the 10-weeks-class

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