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Are you a German speaker? 

Do you live  abroad? 

Would you like your kids to experience

German in a native speaking environment?

Welcome to 

Planet Wortschatz

online German language and creative workshop

form multilingual children 

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Planet Wortschatz offers a German-speaking virtual community for children ages 5-12 living abroad. Your child will participate in an online workshop that will not only improve their German language skills, but will tap into their creativity using an interdisciplinary approach.

One highlight of Planet Wortschatz is a virtual classroom where children meet weekly in small groups. These live sessions are accompanied by visual and listing exercises, workshops and games for home, aimed at supporting intercultural families in adding German culture and language to their children' lives.

Planet Wortschatz's curriculum

Children in astronauts costumes with toy


Develop and strengthen your

child's German speaking skills

in a playful, fun way


Introduce your child to

new aspects of German life

and culture

Do it yourself

Encourage your child to think

out of the box with exercises and activities designed to spark creativity

Dreams of travel! Child flying on a suit

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Iris Rozwora
4, Rue de la Fosse Derouy
77870 Vulaines-sur-Seine


+33 (0) 766 52 86 99 

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