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Vacation class

Planet Wortschatz offers a colorful vacation program for German-speaking primary school children in its language and creative workshop. Within five days we playfully discover new fields of knowledge and vocabulary. The focus of the course is on enjoying the German language and becoming creative.


The children meet daily for one hour in a group of max. 8 children in the live workshop. Here we present our "works", exchange ideas about the various tasks, play and talk together. New topics are presented daily as a video (15 to 20 minutes) in preparation for the workshop. These learning units are supplemented by daily creative tasks, experiments and worksheets, which are then discussed in the live workshop.

In total, your child will be occupied with German in this way for around 2.5 hours (including the one-hour online session). The theme for the summer vacation program is: time travel.


The dream of flying

We choose a nice piece of earth; from here we start our journey. Together we will discover how this landscape has developed over the millennia in terms of landscape, culture and finally also industrially. Finally, we dare to take a leap into the future.


A journey through time

Thema Ferienprogramm

class dates

The new class are from June 19th till July 8th 2023.
Individual classes are possible by arrangement.


price: € 155 for 5 days of class. 

255€ for a privat class.


There are no vacations or public holidays.

Dates for the virtual classroom

by individual arrangement


practical information

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